Using books to get dates


Most booksellers are married and/or have giant beards. This makes them effective at valuing books, less so at giving dating advice. Why is this a problem? Because more people should be using books to get dates. Consider this recent charity shop discovery:

Using books to get dates

A nice little Heron edition of Shakespeare’s Sonnets which some guy had dedicated to some girl and included his phone number.

This guy was smooth. No awkward message or explanation; he gave the pertinents and let the book do the talking. And it has a lot to say. It’s small, light and attractive, yet dense with beautiful words. And I know, having once sold a copy, that it’s cheap (less than £5 including p&p).

Such a book is barely more expensive than a card and longer-lasting than flowers. As a gesture it’s suave, sophisticated and if you want any more advice on using books to get dates you’re going to have to hire me.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets by Heron, available at AbeBooks for less than £5….